Omars 3-feet USB C To C Nylon Braided Charging and Sync Cable

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Omars Type-C Male to Type-C Male Cable; Compatible with Apple Mac Book, Google Chrome Book Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet, Toshiba Astrea, etc.

Enjoy Instant Transfer: Up to 480Mbps Data Transfer; Solid Oxygen-free Bare Copper Conductor; Built with High Quality Nickel-plated Connector Head and Gold-plated Connector Pins.

Smart Power Charging: Maximum Charging at 3A, 5V DC; Automatically Delivers the Charging Power According to the Power Source and Charged Devices, 45K Ohm Resister Ensures that Devices Only Draw as Much Electricity as the Host Can Provide.

A Cable to Lasts Longer: Five Layers of Shielding Including Three Layers of Isolations and Two Layers of Wrappings.

Certified by CC, FE, RoHS; Meets USB-IF Specifications, 12-Month Guarantee and Lifetime Professional Service.

Connector: USB Type C Male to USB Type C Male, nickel plated shell, gold flash terminal
Connector Cover: Aluminum Alloy
Length: 0.9 meter/3 feet
Cable Outside Diameter: 3.8mm
Cable Jacket: White PVC and Nylon Braiding
Current Rate(max): 3.0A
Voltage: 5V DC
Speed: 480Mbps