OMARS 88w 24000mAh Power Bank With AC Outlet Charger Dual USB Ports Universal Travel Charger

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Press the button or inset the USB load, USB output function works and the LED lights will indicate the capacity. 
If have no load the LED will turn off about 3 seconds later, And the USB out will turn off 120 seconds later. To repeat the 
procedure by pressing the button again If over-current, short circuit protection and so on, remove the USB cable, reinsert or push the 
button before open the output 

AC OUT Function 

Toggle switch up to the ON, AC output open, down to the OFF, AC output turn off if over-current, short circuit, 
over voltage, under voltage, over temperature protection, must reset the switch first to ON then AC output open


Rated input voltage:16.8V DC
Input current:I≤2500mA
Built in battery specification:18650*12 2000mAh*6
Cell Charging voltage:4.2V±0.05V
Charging current:2500mA
AC interface rated output 700mA
Rated Power:88W<